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The Applemore offer 2018

"Experience a school where inspirational teaching, combined with outstanding pastoral care, creates academic excellence."

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'The Applemore Offer'

Our teaching and learning ethos ensures all students are able to flourish, grow and achieve academic excellence. 

We were delighted to celebrate with students and parents the high standards achieved in the GCSE results this year. There were many exceptional performances including Adam Tearall who was awarded a total of seven grade 9s and Ruby Chesney-Spedding who was awarded six grade 9s. 

Our personal approach to education ensures that every student’s individual best is celebrated by the College.  

There has never been a better time for students to join Applemore. In addition to our specialist subject areas the college is able to make full use of the neighbouring Applemore Health and Leisure facilities. In addition,  the full size 4G all-weather pitch and sensory garden, within the college grounds, are available for all students.

Opening in the Spring 2019, will be our completely refurbished Arts and English Centre, which will house our purpose-built Learning Resource Hub. 

To create a balanced and fulfilled individual, it is essential to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. 

A timetable created for each individual enables our students to have time within their college week to focus on traditional academic subjects, a range of creative and practical subjects and still allow time to  participate in a variety of physical activities. 

Our qualified and experienced teaching staff are passionate about their subject. No matter what subject they teach, they have a burning desire to share their expertise with Applemore students.

Their knowledge, excitement and expertise enables them to develop a variety of teaching strategies. These encourage students to become curious and inspire them to want to know more. 

When we ask Applemore Alumni what made the greatest positive impact on their time here, the response is always, ‘the teachers.’

Key times in a child’s life can cause anxiety for both the child and their parents/guardians. 

At Applemore, a great deal of staff time is dedicated to ensuring that all transitions are carefully and thoughtfully planned, to enable students to look forward to the next stage of their education. Key staff liaise with all the local junior/primary schools to meet KS2 colleagues and all our future students. 

Applemore students are given many opportunities as they progress through their college experience to have individual  mentor meetings with staff. 

Close liaison also takes places with all the post 16 providers so that our senior students feel confident to move onto other challenges after the completion of year 11.

To encourage students to explore beyond the  curriculum subjects of Art, Drama, Music and Photography, the college offers a wide range of extra- curricular activities throughout the year such as: college productions, concerts, a variety of theatre and art gallery visits in addition to subject specific clubs,  ensuring our students experience art and culture in all its forms and in doing so, expand their imaginative and creative mind.

Applemore is proud of its reputation for providing outstanding pastoral care and of being a place where each student is valued. We encourage all of our students to do their best and to take a pride in themselves and their college.

The college is divided into year groups, each overseen by its own Progress Leader who is experienced in supporting the students within their care. Each year group is divided into tutor groups. Tutors are the key to our pastoral system, there to listen, advise and help students make and understand their own choices. Tutors also act as the primary contact with parents.

We believe that it is important to enhance the academic curriculum, by providing many opportunities for students to develop respect for themselves and others within our college  and wider community, thereby developing strength of character and positive attitudes to life and work, enabling them to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live and the global community.

Personal Development Learning (PDL) days are specifically created  to support our college ethos and to unite communities. PDL days culminate in May at ‘Reach,’ our annual multi-cultural festival – everyone is  welcome!

Applemore strives to create a purposeful, happy and open environment where staff, parents and students feel they have a say in the direction of the college. 

During the college day students are encouraged to voice their ideas and opinions about college life and the wider world, through class and tutor group discussions. Each Tutor group is represented at the College Council, where ideas are exchanged  between students and senior staff. Tutor groups and individuals are positively encouraged to use opportunities to organise assemblies about issues important to them and their peers.

Children are at the centre of what we do. Much time and care is offered to not only support learning, but to encourage self-belief and a desire to reach as high as they can dream. 

Many levels of support are available at Applemore from a reassuring conversation with a member of staff to an agreed, formalised education support programme for an individual child.  

We truly believe that our role is to provide the foundation from which your child can confidently launch in to life after Applemore College, taking a variety of strategies, skills and their brilliant minds with them.

From the start of yr 7 to the end of yr 11, students are given a myriad of opportunities to develop personal and leadership qualities. 

Students can become involved in class and tutor presentations, develop their own interests within the tutor programme and apply for college positions of responsibility. 

Students can experience application and interview procedures culminating in training for a designated role within the college, such as: peer mentors, subject representatives and ultimately college prefects. 

At Applemore we have three simple expectations for all our students. 

Be ready, be respectful and be safe. 

Be ready to learn: With the right equipment, the correct uniform and a positive attitude towards your learning. 

Be respectful: To your teachers, your peers and those in community who you come in contact with. 

Be safe: Be risk aware and look out for yourself and others. Tell a trusted adult if you are concerned about anything. 

Education at Applemore is not just classroom based. Oppportunities to actively learn and enhance skills exist within and after the college working day . 

In addition to physical education lessons, other subjects make good use of our outdoor environment. For example, scientists can be seen testing various theories, artists are capturing the world around and actors perform using different backdrops in open air theatre. 

Student sports ambassadors are actively  involved in Applemore events and are in demand by our feeder schools to help organise their sports programme. 

At the weekend  students can be seen in the community participating in the the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, organised by our staff. 

Learning should not be restricted to the classroom. Applemore finds ways to enhance traditional classroom learning and hopefully develop a life long love of learning in our students.

Every opportunity is taken to become involved in local and national initiatives. Applemore is one of the leaders of PIXL Edge, a nationally recognised programme to develop skills in leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication, giving our students the ‘Edge’ in life beyond Applemore.

The college also encourages students to participate in the international Rotary Clubs’ Youth Speaks, a public speaking competition and we are committed to the Eco Schools award.      

Students never totally leave Applemore. They often come back to reminisce to staff and students about their memories of the their time at the college. A previous Head Boy and Girl stated that,  “Applemore is where everyone is known and where strong positive relationships are developed. Teachers will educate, support and encourage you every step of the way. There are so many opportunities for you to participate in, make the most of all of them, we know we did. Never be afraid to try new things, make new friends but most importantly, be yourself.”